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Founded in 1987, Southwest Amputee Golf Association is a non-profit charitable association founded to help amputees get out and discover there is life after a traumatic injury. Our golfers range in skill from people who shoot 18 hole scores in the 70s to others shooting around 120. We have people ranging in age from teenagers to people in their 80s. Both women and men participate and play in their respective flights.

For about 25 years now, we have hosted tournaments in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin areas. Our tournaments usually attract around 60 to 70 participants. (We have a membership/mailing list of about 350 golfers.) If space allows, we let visiting non-amputees such as family members and close friends play in a Guest Flight (usually about 15 to 20 people). Guests pay all their own expenses but we do furnish prizes and/or trophies for them.


Regular memberships are open to any amputee who has anatomically lost a hand or foot at a major joint ... wrist/elbow/shoulder/ankle/knee/hip.

Associate memberships are available to anyone who desires to support the Southwest Amputee Golf Association.

Our membership page has a more detailed explanation of membership requirements and a membership application.


S.W.A.G.A., the Southwest Amputee Golf Association, is the center piece for the southwestern region of the National Amputee Golf Association. The states that fall under our responsibilities are Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

We have most recently held golf tournaments for amputees in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. It is our goal to be able to expand the reach of amputee golf to all the states in our region. We are actively seeking host volunteers for tournaments in those other states. There are a few tournaments being held in Kansas and Missouri, not hosted by SWAGA, that also offer golf tournaments for amputees. As we get information about these events, we will post it on our web site.

If you are interested in hosting an event in your state, we would be excited to work with you in furthering amputee golf. Please contact us if you have an interest.

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