Southwest Amputee Golf Association


Southwest Amputee Golf Associaion

2019 S.W.A.G.A. Oklahoma Tournament

Championship Flight Jimmy Squire First Place
  Mark Hatley Second Place
  Mark Barton Third Place
Seniors Flight Jerry Drummond First Place
  Gary Burton Second Place
  Steve Gandy Third Place
Super Seniors Flight Tom Brady First Place
Guest Flight Lowel Herfindahl First Place
  Jesse Staley Second Place
  Greg Dorsey Third Place
Junior Champion Dylan Jones
Mens Champion Mike Knight
Ladies Champion Beth Frederickson

2019 S.W.A.G.A. Central Texas Tournament

Men's Overall Champion Josh Tankersley 140
Women's Overall Champion Beth Frederickson 197
Men's Leg Amputees
Championnship Flight Tom Stiles 165 First Place
First Flight Mike Knight 166 First Place
Jacob Parish 170 Second Place
David Collins 173 Third Place
Men's Arm Amputees
Steve Gandy 185 First Place
Jaffe Turner 190 Second Place
Anthony Pools 194 Third Place
Other Flights
Ladies Flight Joan Jones 216 First Place
Men's Super Senior Richard Couey 149 First Place
  Jerry Drummond 167 Second Place
Larry Coble 182 Third Place
Guest Flight John Collins 162 First Place
Bill Frederickson 183 Second Place
Richard Prince 184 Third Place
Guest Super Senior Flight Randy Pegler 165 First Place
  Winston Harris 180 Second Place

2018 S.W.A.G.A. Texas Tournament

The Texas SWAGA Golf Tournament held at the beautiful Hideout Golf Resort was a great event this year. We had a total of about 40 Amputees and guests and on Saturday, about 20 sponsors joined us for their scramble tournament.

Rain was threatening us all weekend but Mother Nature cooperated and we got all three round in without any rain or delays. It was cool with some sunshine. It was a great weekend for golf. Then we got out of there just in time as the “Norther” was headed our way with more rain and cold weather.

Amputees Championship Flight Josh Tankersley 162 First Place
  Tom Stiles 167 Second Place
First Division Jack Newberry 174 First Place
  Randy Smith 180 Second Place
  Dave Regier 183 Third Place
Second Division Ken Reeves 200 First Place
  John Robinson Jr. 209 Second Place
  Jason Garcia 217 Third Place
Senior Division Mike Knight 158 First Place
  Jerry Drummond 185 Second
  Gary Burton 195 Third Place
Super Senior Division Dave Tilley 179 First Place
  Roy Thomas 194 Second Place
  Tom Brady 215 Third Place
Ladies Division Julie Newberry 195 First Place
  Beth Frederickson 216 Second Place
Associates Championship Division Randy Pegler 163 First Place
  Dennis Bellanger 167 Second Place
  Sam Jenkins 168 Third Place
First Division Tom Douglas 188 First Place
  John Robinson 192 Second Place
  Tom Bunch 199 Third Place
Senior Division Allan Rigaud 174 First Place
  Jim Bourland 184 Second Place
  Winston Harris 184 Third Place

Special thanks to all our wonderful sponsors this year. Once again the City of Early and the many businesses in Brownwood and Early came through with fantastic support. Many thanks!!!